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Embodied Improvisation

November 7th, 2009 by

Free Introductory Workshop

On Sunday, November 15, I will be conducting a Free Introductory Improvisation Workshop. This workshop is based on the work I did with my late husband, Scott Kelman, for 13 years. For those interested, it will lead into a 5 session workshop. Details are below. I would appreciate it greatly if you would forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you very much, and, the best to you all,
Anet Ris-Kelman

A non-competitive process developing presence,
awareness, imagination and play

This process helps you quiet your mind, be informed by your body, notice what you notice, connect with your creative impulses, play with them, and play with others through empathy. The work enhances creativity in art and life. It enriches all forms of improvisational play, including dance, and it can be used to develop set performance pieces.

By yielding through empathy we discover connections to ourselves and others. In this way we can develop meaning and story, and enter into a kind of collective dream.

For anyone wanting more presence, playfulness and engagement in their performance of art and life. Appropriate for any level of experience, any walk of life.

Free Introductory Class
Reservation Required: 503-810-0446
Sunday, November 15 2-4 pm
please arrive by 1:45 and wear comfortable clothes to move in

5 Week Session–$75
Sundays: Nov. 22 7-9 pm, Nov. 29-Dec. 20 2-4 pm

Hipbone Studio 1847 E. Burnside #104
parking available in adjacent lot.

Taught by Anet Ris-Kelman
Anet is a member of the Tuesday Group, she taught theatrical improvisation with Scott Kelman (developer of “kelmanworks”) for 8 years, and danced professionally in New York and Los Angeles.

“As a stand-up comic and actress, Anet’s techniques have given me invaluable improvisational tools for performance that enable me greater focus, a wider menu of performance choices, and multiple tools for breaking through habits and limiting patterns in order to find fresh approaches to characters, voices, and physical presence. For writers and artists of all stripes, the form provides ease within creative process that gives artists the freedom of certain knowledge that the creative process works every time and provides a structure to break through blocks of any kind within that process.”
Juli Gun, comedienne and actress

For more information on the work that Anet teaches go to www.kelmangroup.com