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“This Very Moment” Disciplines for Improvisation and Composition

July 18th, 2010 by

I am a recent Naropa MFA Contemporary Performance graduate, living in New York City. I wanted to let the Shambhala community know I will be offering a contemplative dance practice/deep play workshop in Portland Oregon this August.
Please feel free to share this information with interested parties in the Portland area.

Disciplines for Improvisation and Composition
“This very moment is always the occasion.”
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Saturday August 28, 1-4pm
FINDING FOUNDATION: Using the Four Postures of Mindfulness as a source for dance improvisation and TAMING THE DISCURSIVE BODY with Stillness,
Slow Motion and Repetition to make solos on-the-spot.

Sunday August 29, 1-4pm
THE RED SQUARE: Investigating composition practices beginning with seeing yourself in the space and engaging with props as ‘allies’.

With New York teaching artist Damaris Webb
Based in New York City, Damaris is a performer, director and teaching artist
whose work explores the intersection of contemplative dance, improvisational performance art, and contemporary theater.

$50 for both sessions.
Bodies in Balance
208 Southwest 1st Avenue #340
Portland, OR 97204

A $25 non refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Please contact [email protected] with “This Very Moment”
in the subject heading to make a reservation or for further questions

Limited to 10 participants

Can I borrow your car?

July 7th, 2010 by

I’m going to take Miksang Level II in Seattle this weekend, taught by my best friend Miriam Hall from Madison WI, but I need a way to get there! I’m broke from attending Warriors’ Assembly, so I’m trying to spend the least money possible on transportation.

Do you have a car (automatic) I could borrow from the afternoon/evening of July 9th through the evening of July 11th? I’m an excellent and very careful driver with a clean record and will happily pay gas/mileage plus bring you gifts/shower you with affection/weed your garden/clean your house/etc. etc. to show my appreciation.

> Thank you so much for your consideration!

Melanya Helene’s “Hopeless”

July 1st, 2010 by

Come check out

Melanya Helene’s one woman show


opening July 9th

An award winning solo performance inspired by the writings of Pema Chodron

Special ticket price for Shambhala Members and Friends $10

Runs July 9 – 25

at The Brooklyn Bay 1825 SE Franklin St PDx

For reservations or more info see


or call


Roomate Needed

July 1st, 2010 by

Hi! I need a roommate for July. My lease goes through the end of October, but any part of that from now till then would be fine too. I live in a cute little double studio apartment right across the street from the Shamballa center. The rent is $360 per person (that includes everything). Please call me to come check it out before july!!


503 935 0563