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2012 Shambhala Retreat Program Schedule

November 28th, 2011 by

The Shambhala Office of Practice and Education is pleased to announce the 2012 program schedule.

Sangha Retreat with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Open to the public

-Karme Choling: May 22 – 27
-Shambhala Mountain Center: July 3 – 8
-Dechen Choling: Aug. 19 – 25

Advanced Programs
For the 2012 programs that require an application, you will find a new application site, which is now integrated with the Shambhala Database at: https://apas.shambhala.info/.

Simply click on the program that you would like to apply for, follow the link to the particular program application, enter your Shambhala member username and password and fill out the application. . Your personal information will appear automatically as it is entered in the Shambhala Database. Any changes in your address or contact information in the application or in the Shambhala Database will be updated in both locations.

For those needing to submit a recommendation for a program, it will be just as easy. Find the program, click Submit Recommendation and you will be walked through the steps of attaching a recommendation to the applicant application. Please note: You must have a Shambhala Member’s account for the website to access these applications.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. Please contact Edith Sage, [email protected], if you have any problems.

Enlightened Society Assembly (formerly Sutrayana Seminary)
Application required: https://apas.shambhala.info/

-Karme Choling: Feb. 4 -19
-Dorje Denma Ling: June 24 – July 8
-Shambhala Mountain Center: July 8 – July 22
-Dechen Choling: June 17 – July 1 (Preparatory study course Jun 10 – 17)

Warrior Assembly
Application required: https://apas.shambhala.info/

-Chile, South America: Feb. 5 – 16
-Shambhala Mountain Center: July 22 – Aug. 2
-Karme Choling: Aug. 19 – 30
-Dechen Choling: Oct. 3 – Oct. 14

Sacred World Assembly (formerly Vajrayana Seminary)
Application required: https://apas.shambhala.info/

Dechen Choling: July 27 – Aug. 18

Rigden Abhisheka
Application required: https://apas.shambhala.info/

-Dorje Denma Ling: July 13 – 19

Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 1
Application required: https://apas.shambhala.info/

Shambhala Mountain Center: Oct. (dates to be announced)

Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 2
For students who have completed Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 1 no application is required. Register directly with land centre.

-Shambhala Mountain Center: Feb. 6 – 19
Register at: http://www.shambhalamountain.org/programs/view/1723
-Karme Choling: June 12 – 23
Register at: http://www.karmecholing.org/program.php?id=4660

Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 3
For students who have completed all of the practice requirements for Scorpion Seal Assembly Years 1 and 2 no application is required. Register directly with land centre.

-Shambhala Mountain Center: June 18 – 29
(Garchen style with year 4) Register at: http://www.shambhalamountain.org
-Dorje Denma Ling: July 20 – 31 (Garchen style with year 4) Register at: http://www.dorjedenmaling.com

Scorpion Seal Assembly Year 4
For students who have completed all of the practice requirements for Scorpion
Seal Assembly Years 2 and 3 no application is required. Register directly with the land centre.

-Karme Choling: May 28 – June 8 Register at: http://www.karmecholing.org
-Shambhala Mountain Center June 18 – 29 (Garchen style with year 3)
Register at: http://www.shambhalamountain.org
-Dorje Denma Ling July 20 – 31 (Garchen style with year 3)
Register at: http://www.dorjedenmaling.com
-Dechen Choling: Aug. 26 – Sept 6 (Garchen style with year 3)
Register at: http://www.dechencholing.org

Early Bird Rate ends Monday, Jan. 23 for Rigden Weekend w/ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

November 28th, 2011 by

Following several requests, the early bird rate to register for the Rigden Weekend with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in Northern California has been extended through Monday, January 23rd.

The Sakyong’s opening Friday, March 2nd, night talk of the Rigden Weekend will be held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and will also be open to the public and anyone not able to attend the full weekend. Saturday and Sunday programs, March 3rd and 4th, will continue at Craneway Pavilion in nearby Richmond.

Registration and on more information both programs are available on the Northern California Shambhala website: http://norcal.shambhala.org. If you’re traveling from out of the area, you will find helpful information on housing and transportation as well.

The Rigden Weekend is open to graduates of Way of Shambhala I and any other students who have completed Sacred Path. One of the intentions for this program is to provide an opportunity for newer students to meet the Sakyong earlier on their path than has generally been possible. For older students, it will be an opportunity to study this material directly with him for the first time.

We welcome your attendance at this special event.

Steve Schurkey
Regional Communications Coordinator,
Northern California Shambhala

The Rigden Weekend with a public talk Friday night.
March 2-4, 2012
San Francisco, CA

Join our beloved Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for this very special program that is the culmination of The Way of Shambhala educational path.

The first night of of this weekend is a Public Talk open to all! The Sakyong will present the vision of Shambhala abd offer guided meditation on connecting with our fundamental dignity and using it as a force to shape the future of the world. Location: Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California

The rest of the weekend is open to those who have completed Shambhala Training Level V AND Way of Shambhala I classes through Wisdom in Everyday Life, OR have completed the Sacred Path program up to Outrageous & Inscrutable (completion of the Four Dignities), OR have attended Kalapa Assembly.

The Rigden is a representation of our basic enlightened nature and embodies the principle of unconditional bravery. Historically, rigdens were enlightened rulers —those who could “rule their world” based on their unwavering experience of basic goodness.

The contentment, joy, fearlessness, and wisdom of the Way of Shambhala culminate in unconditional confidence. This weekend workshop introduces the teachings of enlightened rulership. With the great problems now facing human society, it seems increasingly important to find simple ways to bring compassionate and strong leadership to the world, even in small ways. This weekend emphasizes genuine confidence and steadfastness in facing the world’s challenges. Confidence can come from genuineness and wakefulness instead of aggression.

To register or for more information, visit norcal.shambhala.org.

Our Birthday Gift to the Sakyong

November 21st, 2011 by

Letter sent to the Sakyong on behalf of the Portland sangha:

To Our Beloved Sakyong,

The Portland, OR sangha sends you our warmest and most heartfelt wishes for your 49th birthday!

We had a wonderful celebration today in honor of your life and teachings in the form of an all-day sangha retreat. The day included: morning and afternoon practice sessions; watching your dvd talk – The Awesome Mind; practicing the Sadhana of Mahamudra; reciting multiple recitations of your longevity chant; and a lovely birthday party.

Highlights of the birthday party were a photo collage of you dating back to 1992; a group toast to you in which each person felt their feet on the earth, the space around them & their heart, then thought of you and spoke what spontaneously arose in their mind; and creating our gift for you…

Please enjoy listening to this little “sound doha in threes” that ends with much laughter and a cheerful birthday song. The beginning is an expression of total bravery as each person contributed their voice while completely leaning into their fear. No one knew that we were recording or that we were going to send it to you as our gift, until after we were done — everyone was completely delighted to find this out!

The attached photo is the group that offers this gift to you on behalf of the Portland Sangha

With our love and devotion – our hearts are with you.

Missing from the photo is Melanya Helene who is taking the photo and led us in the creation of the sound doha.

HOPELESS: Nov. 18 – Dec. 3, 2011

November 21st, 2011 by

Get tickets at: www.brownpapertickets.com

An uplifting collection of stories, music musings….This one woman performance is conceived, directed and performed by award winning performer and Shambhala Center member Melanya Helene, founder/teacher of Mindfulness Based Improvisation.

“Watching Melanya was a lesson in performing. With exquisite ease, grace, humor and the ability to be completely present, she helped us explore a very different world and understand it’s deep connection to our own lives.” – Drammy Committee 2010

Melanya Helene’s performance style is based in mindfulness and somatic (body) awareness. It results in an engaging combination of dynamic movement, soulful singing and moments of profound stillness. She teaches and performs through Mindfulness Based Improvisation in the tradition of Scott Kelman (1936 – 2007). A graduate of The Naropa University in Boulder CO, Melanya is the artistic director of The Brooklyn Bay and co-creator of Play after Play children’s theater.

Gathering the Power of Our Aspirations and Radiating It to the World

November 21st, 2011 by

The Sakyong Foundation, working with Karme Choling, has launched 100000aspirations.org, a new on-line community in support of the “Stupa that Conquers all Directions” being built at Karme Choling at the request of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Please consider making an aspiration today on the auspicious occasion of the Sakyong’s 49th birthday.

The goal of this on-line campaign is to energize this stupa with the aspirations of 100,000 people, and to enable a large community — within and beyond the boundaries of the Shambhala mandala — to engage in and support its construction. We hope to host a meaningful conversation about the power of our aspiration as the seed of action and its importance in creating a better world.

In support of this effort, Acharya Pema Chodron has recorded a brief video teaching about the power of aspiration, and auspiciously offered the first one. She explains that an aspiration is “voicing your deepest wishes or longing for the benefit of the planet and other people … and these intentions can have a powerful effect … if enough of us do them.” We’re counting on you, the Shambhala sangha, to help us create the momentum to magnetize 99,999 more people by offering your aspiration and by sharing this vision with your friends and networks.

Making an aspiration to be placed in the stupa does not require a donation. We aspire that many people will choose to deepen their connection with this project by making a financial contribution. The most important way you can help us reach our goal is by making an aspiration and sharing this vision with anyone who might connect with it.

The stupa is being built at Karme Choling in order to conquer any obstacles and to magnetize the energy needed to expand its facilities and the center’s ability to have a positive impact through its programs and training.

Please join us by offering an aspiration at: https://100000aspirations.org or https://www.facebook.com/100000aspirations

Carpooling-Wanted to PNW Winter Retreat

November 21st, 2011 by

Ride or Rider to Winter Shamatha Retreat-Week Two, leaving Dec 25th returning Jan 1. Please contact Alice Price

Larry Haun (1931-2011)

November 7th, 2011 by

Dear Shambhala Community,

At 11:45 am Monday, October 24, our dear friend and fellow warrior Larry Haun followed his last out-breath. Larry was part of the Shambhala community in Los Angeles before moving to Coos Bay, Oregon, after which time he became actively involved in the Portland Shambhala community – both as a student and as a teacher. He finally succumbed to Lymphoma, after a nine year journey with the disease.

Larry was a well-published author, writing numerous books and articles on carpentry. He was active in Habitat for Humanity, writing a book on how to build such houses. Just days before his death, he conducted an interview with the New York Times about his last book, A Carpenter’s Life as Told by Houses, which he worked hard to finish before he died. You can read the interview here. The Fine Homebuilding obituary includes some wonderful pictures and quotes about the impact he had on people in that world.

In Shambhala, Larry was a popular Shambhala Training teacher, regaling his students with stories about growing up on the prairies of Nebraska. He was a master storyteller, weaving heart with humor, sometimes making a point, other times simply exposing his heart, inspiring us to open ours.

In his last few days, he was supported by practices and ceremonies offered by his two main spiritual paths – Shambhala and Native American Lakota. He died surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife of 29 years Mila, five children and several grandchildren.

A memorial will be held on Sunday, November 13 at the Black Market Gourmet, 495 Central Ave, Coos Bay, OR. If you plan to attend, please send an email to his wife, Mila.

There will also be a Sukhavati (Buddhist funeral ceremony) held at the Portland Shambhala Center, on Friday, Nov. 18, at 7pm.

In order to help Larry’s family with memorial and other related expenses, a fundraising website has been established. You can view the site and make an online donation here. If you have any questions about the fundraiser, please contact Sonya Salanti, who is coordinating this effort.