April 22, 2012 – Sakyong’s Earth Day Message: Our Future Is At A Crossroads

In his Earth Day message, issued today, the Sakyong Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche warns that “our future is at a crossroads.”

“As the world now faces seemingly insurmountable challenges, our future is at a crossroads. Never has there been a more poignant time for us to hear the message of basic goodness. Many of the issues that we encounter, personally and societally, concern the very notion of human nature. 

Therefore, reflecting on humanity’s basic goodness can no longer be simply a personal contemplation; it must now be a global one. It is no longer a time when the future can be decided by one person, or even a few individuals. Rather, as a global society, we must pause and reflect on this essential theme: who are we, and what are we doing? This is the meaning of Earth Day. It is a time when humanity can reflect on who we are and how we might move forward.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to take a moment on this Earth Day to reflect on human nature and basic goodness. Then, reflect on how you personally are participating in the global society. As Shambhalians, we have the ability to help shift the global culture from one of doubt and aggression, to one of trust and kindness. It is time for us all to engage in this endeavor, both personally and socially. 

To make such a shift is the very notion of enlightened society. Rather than letting challenges overwhelm us, let them incite our warrior heritage of bravery. In this way, Earth Day can be a new dawning of the sun of human goodness. 

With blessings and aspirations for the world to be free of plague, famine, and war — and for peace and harmony to be all-victorious, 

The Sakyong”


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