Portland Shambhala Fall Membership Drive

Our center’s I-Ching reading for this Year of the Water Dragon evoked the image of a gentle consistent breeze.

In keeping with that spirit, we are asking our wonderful members to offer just a little bit more monthly to sustain the financial health of our local center.

This will allow us to keep the gentle breeze of basic goodness radiating from our center steady.

The wonderful news is that at and since our Harvest of Peace Community Celebration, we’ve raised $4660, more than 2/3 of our goal! We still need your support to close the final gap and ensure that our center moves into 2013 on stable footing. We need to raise another $230 a month in increased dues or new memberships ($200 of which is to cover our 2013 rent increase of which we were just recently notified).

If you are already a member, look into your heart and see if you could raise your monthly commitment by $15, $10 or just $5 a month. If you’ve been thinking of becoming a member, now is a great time to act on that generous impulse! Click here to read about membership and the various membership donation levels.

If 23 more members raise their dues by $10 a month we are there! When you’ve felt in your heart the amount that feels right, please email us and let us know how much you’d like to increase your dues. And if you find that you are already giving at your full capacity to give, please consider making and sending us an aspiration for the center.

We thank you for your generosity!

With Gratitude,

Melanya Helene & Marc Otto

Membership Coordinators

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