Remodeling OUR own barn


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The Oregon landscape is dotted with barns that we appreciate because they are beautiful as well as functional.  They also represent a collective effort because of their magnitude: people had to come together to raise a barn in just a few days.  But every barn needs to be replaced or remodeled occasionally.

You are invited to help us with this month’s electronic barn-raising!  This is one of those occasions where a lot of different skills and kinds of contributions are called for. As mentioned last month, we are about to migrate from our existing website to a new one. The analogy is that our website is a bit like the center of our homestead, where we store some of our accumulated riches, and where we contribute to the digital landscape in Portland.  And it will take a group effort to complete the migration.

There are many reasons for doing this migration (aka renovation).  The new site will have a lot of features that the old one did not.  It will look better (the website is the first contact that many people have with our Shambhala Center).  But a crucial reason for migrating to the new site is that it will allow the different areas and groups in our community to edit and take responsibility for one or more pages — to be visible and say their piece.  We’re working toward a more distributed model of community and this is one aspect of that evolution.

We need to complete the migration by Labor Day, September 2, 2013.  Of course the site will be evolving after that date, reflecting our community’s growth.  But we are taking up a slot in the “migration queue” and we need to make the migration as orderly and focused as possible.  So getting it done like one of the barn-raising efforts of the past makes a lot of sense.

Here are some of the skills that are going to be needed for this project:

  • Knowledge of the Shambhala community, our activities and programs

  • Writing and editing skills

  • Cut, paste, and simple formatting in a text editor

  • Group coordination and scheduling

Do you have some of these skills and some time to contribute?  Drop me a line at john (dot) smith (at) Portland (dot) Shambhala (dot) org!

I imagine that barn raising in Oregon’s rural past involved pot luck suppers and dances, but that part hasn’t been planned out for our electronic barn-raising yet.  Got ideas?


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