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construction-workers-medium_5662774101Why is it that construction sites are so watchable? And why is it that construction workers often look like they’re standing around watching other workers do the real work?  Think of the last time the City of Portland dug up the sewers in your neighborhood.

One answer is that construction is inherently a messy process, and figuring out how order will come out of chaos is fascinating.  Another is that in a construction process (either of the on-the-ground variety or of the virtual) there are many interacting disciplines involved.  And another is that a construction project is fascinating because something seems to arise out of nothing, something is assembled in front of our very eyes.

In cyberspace “under construction” usually means “go away, the magic happening behind the curtain is over your head.” However in the case of the Portland Shambhala Meditation Center’s new website, you can watch the construction process day-by-day here: (it will become by Labor Day).  You could also help if you chipped in with a little help right right now!

Could you provide design and content ideas specifically by checking other Shambhala Center websites and suggesting things that we should adopt or adapt here in Portland?  You could use this form to contribute a suggestion and you can see what other people have suggested here. Of course, our new site can and will evolve after it goes live (and you might play a role there or some of your brilliant ideas might not get implemented till after Labor Day).

So far we’ve had comments about Shambhala Center websites in AtlantaHalifaxLos AngelesNew YorkSeattle, and Vancouver with suggestions ranging from “please show office hours” and “Victoria has nice footer” to “we should emulate New York’s community page”.  What do you see out there?

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes via photopin cc

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