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Thank you and update from Pat Maurer

January 7th, 2013 by Lesa Ricci

January 4, 2013

Dear Shambhala Community,

Just a note to let you know that I miss you & especially sitting with you on Tuesday evenings.  It will probably be another couple of weeks or so before I can come back.

I’ve finished my three weeks of radiation treatment.  The side effects are pretty difficult right now, so my job is to rest & sleep alot to help my body heal from the toxic radiation.

Thank you so much for your Tonglen practice for me.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing that for me.

Gratefully, Pat

Pat Maurer
email:  [email protected]

Melayna & Marc of Brooklyn Bay Have A New Show! Finally…

December 10th, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

Things always take so much longer than I expect.

 Marc and I started working on a new show about relationships at least two years ago, maybe three. We started thinking we’d do a show based on an article called ‘Anatomy of a Bad Mood’ by Robert Sapolsky. It was a funny article, kind of a gender dynamics thing he wrote for a men’s magazine. But when we started working on it, it fell flat. It just wasn’t right. We had to let it go…

We tried again a few more times from different angles but it always felt forced. We were trying too hard. Again and again we had to let it go…
We wanted to create a performance that would offer something truly valuable. A piece that would not just satirize relationships but really offer understanding and a way to transform difficulties. 

And we were creating this piece about relationship together…and all our difficulties have come up.

And much has been transformed between us – and continues to in surprising and mysterious ways.

For the past three or more years, we’ve been studying experiencially the neurobiology of relationships using our own relationship as fertile ground for discovery. And now we’ve created a piece about it. 


But I have to say, I believe it is worth the wait. 

One thing I’ve come to appreciate about this project, is that you can’t rush a process like this. When a project really has integrity and something valuable is emerging, it takes the time it takes. And rushing it just creates frustration. When this piece was ready to come, it came in a big rush – seemingly out of nowhere.

I’m telling you all this not only to invite you to come experience this new performance piece yourself (See below for details). But I also wanted to share a bit about our process in case it’s helpful.

 Maybe you have a project, or an intention that seems to be taking too long. Maybe you are coming up against blocks and needing to let things go again and again. Don’t lose heart. And if you do lose heart, be kind to yourself. These things take time.

Warmly, Melanya


The Eternally Present Past

How Implicit Memory Shapes Us

Have you ever wondered why you feel the way you do? Or why you keep falling into the same patterns of relationships again and again?

You are invited on a journey to explore our inner landscape. Below our conscious awareness, bodily sensations, surges of feeling, behavioral impulses and perceptual biases continuously influence our relationships.

This transformative performance piece inquires into the neurobiology of relationship through story, poetry, movement and sound.

January 11 & 12


The Brooklyn Bay

$20 / ticket

Tickets Available Now


Jay Stewart shows work in “Little Things 12” show

December 10th, 2012 by Lesa Ricci
Please consider visiting the “Little Things 12” show at Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta.  This annual show makes it affordable to give original art as a gift to someone special or for your own home.
I am fortunate to be one of the many artists in this show of small, modestly priced art.   My work is a series of small paintings entitled “Maple Seeds Illuminated.”    I hope you’ll have a chance to see them.
Thank you.
L. Jay Stewart

Pics from the last Community Potluck…

November 5th, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

After the Community potluck on Sunday, October 21, a few of the children decided to have fun with the gongs, drums and rins in the shrine room!  What great energy they brought to the space!

Shambhala families gathered at Mark Douglass’s house…

November 5th, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

for brunch on Sunday, Sept. 16, to meet each other and discuss ideas for the coming year. A good conversation was had by all! More to come….

Portland Shambhala Fall Membership Drive

October 21st, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

Our center’s I-Ching reading for this Year of the Water Dragon evoked the image of a gentle consistent breeze.

In keeping with that spirit, we are asking our wonderful members to offer just a little bit more monthly to sustain the financial health of our local center.

This will allow us to keep the gentle breeze of basic goodness radiating from our center steady.

The wonderful news is that at and since our Harvest of Peace Community Celebration, we’ve raised $4660, more than 2/3 of our goal! We still need your support to close the final gap and ensure that our center moves into 2013 on stable footing. We need to raise another $230 a month in increased dues or new memberships ($200 of which is to cover our 2013 rent increase of which we were just recently notified).

If you are already a member, look into your heart and see if you could raise your monthly commitment by $15, $10 or just $5 a month. If you’ve been thinking of becoming a member, now is a great time to act on that generous impulse! Click here to read about membership and the various membership donation levels.

If 23 more members raise their dues by $10 a month we are there! When you’ve felt in your heart the amount that feels right, please email us and let us know how much you’d like to increase your dues. And if you find that you are already giving at your full capacity to give, please consider making and sending us an aspiration for the center.

We thank you for your generosity!

With Gratitude,

Melanya Helene & Marc Otto

Membership Coordinators

Nov. 3-4 Portland Shambhala Meditation Marathon Fundraiser Needs Your Pledges!

October 21st, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

Proceeds will support our core offerings and other initiatives that make the benefits of meditation accessible to more people including the PSC prison dharma program at Oregon State Penitentiary, retreat scholarships, the program tuition generosity policy and ecumenical community events such as the Portland City Sit.

How It Will Work:

From 9am Saturday, November 3rd until 9am Sunday, November 4th, we’ll be sitting at the Shambhala Center for 30 min. sessions of mindfulness meditation, interspersed with 10 minutes of walking meditation. Although the event has been designed to allow meditators to “lean in” if they choose to, there is no minimum amount of sitting time required. We will be maintaining functional silence throughout the marathon. Food will be provided for meditators every 3-4 hours.

How You Can Help:

1) Participate as a Meditator/Fundraiser: We are looking for 10 – 15 meditators/ fundraisers!

Before Nov. 3rd, you’ll reach out to sangha members, friends and family for pledges, then be responsible for collecting your raised funds by Nov. 18th. While we encourage fundraisers to target $100 – $500 in pledges, the minimum amount of fundraising required to participate as a meditator is $50. You’ll be increasing public awareness of the benefits of meditation, long term, through supporting the Portland Shambhala Center and immediately, through conversations with sponsors. Register on-line at www. portland.shambhala.org

2) At This Point What We Need Are Sponsors — Make a Pledge To Donate: Please consider sponsoring someone’s sit, at any level! 

Pledges may be made by the hour or as a flat amount. You may be asked to pledge by multiple people, so don’t be shy to say “no” if you’ve already done so. And just in case you’re not asked, we’d appreciate your proactive support for this community fundraising effort: Contact one of the Meditators listed on the bulletin board at the Center, and let them know you’d like to pledge to support their Marathon. 

3) Join Us During the Marathon: We are looking for people to make/serve tea and snacks during the Meditation Marathon, and/ or to take a turn as Umdze!

Visit/serve/clean-up one meal, or join us for multiple meal periods. Your services and the energy you bring will be deeply appreciated. And you may get to see Marathon Meditators actually falling over!

To help or ask questions, contact Kim Crossman at 503-477-9442

Eugene Sangha member got a job in Portland and is looking for housing…

October 21st, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

Prefer NE or SE, but will consider other areas. Please contact Rick McMonagle @ 541-515-2283 or [email protected]

Pics from an Ikebana Practitioners’ Outing

October 21st, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

Portland Shambhala Community Campout Pics….

September 24th, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

The 2012 Portland Shambhala Camp Out was held the weekend of Sep 7-9, 2012 at Silver Falls State Park.  Eleven people and two dogs participated.  We did a drala meditation hike (with two children and one dog), had a potluck barbecue dinner Saturday night, sang songs around the camp fire, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Everyone expressed interest in having another camp out in 2013.