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Tonglen Request for Pat Maurer

December 31st, 2012 by Lesa Ricci

Please include Pat Maurer in your tonglen practice as she is currently undergoing radiation treatments for lymphoma.

Tonglen for Jack Bodner’s Family after his mother’s passing

April 23rd, 2012 by

Dear Shambhala friends,

As some of you have already heard, my mother Harriet Bodner passed away last Friday (April 13) at the age of 91 after a very short illness, culminating in renal failure.  She died in the same skilled nursing facility where my 93 year old father, George Bodner, is currently going through rehab for a recent hip fracture.  Prior to these events (i.e. prior to March 10 – when my father fractured his hip), my parents were still living fairly independent lives, so all this has happened very quickly.


My dad is grieving and having a rough time after a marriage of 68 plus years.  I would appreciate it very much if you could keep both of my parents, as well as the rest of our family in your practice.   With respect to my mother, my wish is that she have a smooth journey through the bardo and a good rebirth.  For my father, my wish is that he is able to continue to lead a good life, despite the unavoidable grief, and to be able to accept the unavoidable impermanence of life.

 Thank you very much,

Jack Bodner

Tonglen Request for Jack Bodner’s Mother

April 6th, 2012 by

Dear Portland Shambhala Community,

Please extend tonglen to Jack Bodner and his family.  Jack’s mother, Harriet Bodner, has been been diagnosed with acute kidney failure and has entered end of life hospice care.  His father, who recently sustained a hip fracture, is healing well.

Thank you.

Rayna Jacobson

Community Care Coordinator

Tonglen Request for Jack Bodner’s Father George

March 12th, 2012 by

It would be appreciated very much if you would include my 92 year old father, George Bodner, in your tonglen practice. Yesterday, he and my 91 year old mother were on their usual Saturday afternoon outing. Having recently given up driving, they had walked to a restaurant in downtown Portland and on their way home, were walking to a grocery store on a busy street. A group of young men, rushing to catch a bus, knocked my father to the pavement, breaking his hip in two places.

He is scheduled for surgery at 10:30 am today. Besides the physical injury and abrupt interruption to a fairly independent lifestyle, he is also feeling anxious about the surgery and worried about how my mother will adjust to their new circumstances. If you could include my mother as well, that would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Jack Bodner

Tonglen request for Happy Barnes’ daughter Katie

February 13th, 2012 by

Dear Shambhala Community,
This is a request to please practice tonglen for Katie, the 32-year-old daughter of Happy Barnes as well as for Happy and their extended family. Katie, who lives in Texas with her family, just found out today during a routine health check that her cancer has reappeared. Biopsies have been done and treatment will be determined soon.

It will be good comfort and help to both Happy and Katie if you include them in your practice.

Thank you.

Jay Stewart
Head Dekyong

Tonglen & Round the Clock Practice Request for Namdrol Miranda Adams

December 19th, 2011 by

Please include Namdrol Miranda Adams, Dean of Maitripa College, in your tonglen practice. She had a seriuos stroke on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Namdrol is a very dedicated practitioner of the dharma and a close student of Maitripa’s president, Yangsi Rimpohe, who has requested that people come to Maitripa to practice over the weekend in order to support her recovery. Their shrine room will be open 24/7 through Monday so that people can support Namdrol with their prayers and practice. In particular, they need people to come between 11pm-7am to keep practice continuous.

The Shambhala community has close ties with Maitripa and we would like to respond to their call for help. Maitripa is located at 119 SE Market Street, on the of SE Market and 11th & just a few blocks south of Hawthorne.

Tonglen Request for Larry Haun

October 17th, 2011 by

Please extend your tonglen practice to long-time Shambhala teacher and community member Larry Haun. Larry has worked courageously and diligently with Lymphoma for a number of years, and his time is coming to an end. Please contact Rayna Jacobson, Head of Care Coordinator, if you would like the latest updates on his condition.

Tonglen Request for Mairin Wilson’s husband

August 15th, 2011 by

Dear Sangha,

Please include Mairin Wilson’s husband Mike in your tonglen practice. He was in a serious bike accident and sustained a broken hip & shoulder. He is having to wait for the needed surgery until his abrasion heal.

Tonglen Request for Richard Dailey

July 25th, 2011 by

Dear Portland Shambhala Community

Please include sangha member Richard Dailey in your tonglen practice, who recently underwent surgery to remove a quickly growing, cancerous brain tumor. Treatment options and future care are yet to be determined.

Thank you.

Rayna Jacobson
Head of Community Care
Portland Shambhala Center

Tonglen Request for Lesa Ricci’s Stepfather

July 18th, 2011 by

Please include in your tonglen practice Bill Oblinger, the husband of Lesa Ricci’s mother, Kathy Oblinger. Bill had a stroke on Thursday, 7/14. As he is the primary caregiver for Lesa’s mother, who has Parkinson’s disease, this is a very challenging situation for the family who lives in Ohio.