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Life.Art.Being: Integrative Arts Summer Festival

June 21st, 2013 by Caitlin_Bargenquast

Hello Dear Sangha and Friends

Today I get to wear my Arts Council Chair cap (we’ve decided it is glittery and a crown and definitely has garuda feathers sprouting out at jaunty angles) and spread the news about a fantastic arts opportunity coming up July 15-20, 2013!  I am so excited to announce the inaugural Life.Art.Being: Integrative Arts Summer Festival.  This is also the first official collaboration between the Portland Shambhala Center and the Be Space movement + expressive arts studio.

This week-long immersion is intended to be a retreat from the body+mind that speeds through summer all too quickly.  The container will be dedicated to creating beauty and practicing presence with the self, the body, the other, and the mystery.  Movement artist and Naropa alum Elizabeth Russell (with whom we all fell in love at our Spring 2013 Shambhala Arts Festival) has curated an incredible line up of artists to contribute.  Feast your eyes on the rich schedule here and dive in for all or part of the week.

The lineup includes Dharma Art, Authentic Movement, Contemplative Dance Practice, a Warrior Artistry panel and more inspiring community events. The week will include not only practice but also exploration of the personal and social context for our creative practices.
   Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be held at the Portland Shambhala Center, with Lisa Stanley starting the week off with a Dharma Arts Talk.  I am thrilled to be participating as moderator for the Thursday night panel of local artists discussing contemplative movement practices and their applications to diverse fields of work.

I will also be facilitating the Wednesday night writing practice at Be Space.  For those of you who got a taste of “Action Writing” at our Spring Arts Fest (read some of the amazing poems generated here )  we will again relate to our streams of consciousness through the body and let it directly inform our written words.  We will get wild with huge pieces of paper, “shovel” with lines, and play with feedback.  This is a perfect opportunity for dancers and movers who fear the line, and for writers interested in loosening up habit and hesitation.

Of course, mine is just one of many offerings!

I look forward to exploring, playing, and cultivating beauty with all of you!

Many Blessings,
Caitlin Bargenquast

Dan Rubin teaching Contemplative Care & Counseling Skills at Maitripa College

January 14th, 2013 by John David Smith

Long-time Shambhalian Dr. Dan Rubin will teach a class on contemplative care and counseling skills at Maitripa College this spring.  The  class will focus on developing practical contemplative care and counseling skills, applicable in therapeutic, organizational, and interpersonal contexts.  The class is 10 weeks long and begins February 1st.

Shambhala Art Intensive & Teacher Training open for advance registration

August 22nd, 2011 by

Once again Los Angeles is offering its popular Biennial Shambhala Art
Intensive, January 4-8, 2012; which will be followed by a Teachers’ Training for Parts 1-3, January 9-12, 2012.

These programs are now open for advanced registration. They are international programs in that they draw participants from not only North America and Mexico, but also Europe, and New Zealand. Enrollment is limited to only 27 for the Intensive, and 18 for the Teachers’ Training. (The prerequisites and application for the Teachers’ Training has changed and may be viewed at our website.)

For the Intensive please see:

For the Teachers’ Training please see:

To “Like” Shambhala Art at Facebook, please go to:

Steven Saitzyk
International Director of Shambhala Art
[email protected]

“An artist should be like an infant, but toilet trained of course.”
Chögyam Trungpa, Visual Dharma Seminar 1978


July 25th, 2011 by

A unique experiential approach that brings joy, mindfulness, imagination, spontaneity & play into life & the creative process.

Free Introductory Workshop: Tues. Sept. 6, 7:30-10pm

8 Week Session:
Tuesdays, Sept. 13 – Oct. 1
$90-$110 (some scholarships available)

Location: Hipbone Studio, 1847 E. Burnside, #104 (enter from parking lot)

Reservation Info:
[email protected]

This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in exploring creativity, presence and being in-the-moment. We also like to laugh a lot and have a lot of fun!

We will explore:
• Developing moment to moment awareness and presence
• Playing with the expressive possibilities of movement, sound and spoken word.
• Improvising with structures that encourage authenticity and develop imagination
• Collaborating with others through empathy.
• Developing comfort communicating with an audience
• Working from a foundation of joy & alert relaxation in both life & art.

Anet Ris-Kelman was Scott Kelman’s assistant for over 10 years, is a member of the Tuesday Group & performs in Portland & LA. She danced professionally in NYC with Daniel Nagrin’s improvisation group, ‘The Workgroup’, and in LA with the ‘Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble”, among others. Her video art poems won a national prize and have shown internationally. She has received grants from the City of LA for theater and video projects.

What people are saying about the workshops:
• “This amazing work, that Anet teaches so brilliantly, has informed and benefited everything I have done: as a teacher, workshop facilitator, performer, mindset coach, and entrepreneur. “Can ‘presence’ be taught?” Anet proves that the answer to that question is a resounding yes! This work rocks!”
• “These are invaluable tools for performance that enable greater focus & fresh approaches.”
• “Anet is a wonderfully direct and present teacher and the work is deeply challenging and fun.”
• “This work helped me to be more conscious-in-self rather than self-conscious.”
• “Transformative”, “Direct skill training in how to stay present”, “Fun”

Art In Motion – Children’s Summer Arts Camps with Elizabeth Craig

February 27th, 2011 by

Collage and Hand-Embellished Papers (Ages 6 and up)
June 27th – July 1st , 10 am – 12:00 noon

Using the process of layering materials, students will explore a variety of painting techniques and surface design to create beautifully hand colored and collaged papers. These papers can be used to create weavings, personal journals, self-portraits, adorned treasure or keepsake boxes, and much more. Students will decide how they will transform their papers to create one or two finished pieces. Cost $150

Sculpting from the Heart and Soul (For girls 10 and up)
July 11th -15th, 10am – 12:30pm/em

You’re invited to come experience a special personal journey. Participants will create a symbolic representation in the form of a figure /doll, that focuses on who or what inspires them. We will use wire, fiber, fabric,clay and other embellishments to create two unique characters. Cost $155

Folk Art Masks (Ages 7 and Up)
August 1st – 5th, 10 am – 12 pm

Using a combination of clay, paper mache, canvas and paint, children will create small masks of an animal or character of their choosing. The masks will be combined with a 2-dimensional canvas body that will be painted and embellished for a finished wall hanging. These masks and canvas bodies are inspired by folk art from Mexico. Cost: $150

Miniature Tree Dwelling Constructions (Ages 4 & up)
August 8th – 12th, 10am – 12 pm

Using sturdy branches as an armature, along with a variety of natural and fabricated materials children will construct their own dwelling within the branches of their tree. They will spend time designing the components of their dwelling before beginning the constructions. Sculpey clay and wire will be used to create animals, fairies, people or whatever critters they might imagine inhabiting their dwelling. Cost: $150

Sculpting Figures with Wire and Mixed Media (Ages 7 & Up)
July 18th – 22nd, 10 am – 12 pm

Children’s artistic imagination goes 3-D. Using wire, clay, fabric and fibers; animals, action figures, dolls and imaginary characters come to life. Children will complete one or two sculptures adding details daily. ( 6 year olds a possibility with adult support) Cost: $150

To register, send a 50% NON-refundable deposit along with this form to:
Art in Motion, 219 SE 29th Ave., Portland, OR 97214, or call Elizabeth Craig at 503-232-6642, or email Elizabeth Craig at [email protected]
Students are not considered registered until their deposit is received.